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How Puratos is Helping to Contain the Virus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting all of us on a global scale. In order to safeguard the health- and well-being of our employees, customers, consumers and their families, we will do everything we can to help contain the virus.

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My Experience as a R&D Intern at Puratos Canada

Evelyn Chan, a student from the Food Science program, joined our Puratos team in the Spring of 2018 as an R&D Intern. In this new blog article, she shares some highlights from her internship experience and what it has taught her.

Artisan Breads 101: What you need to know

Wondering how consumers define artisan breads and what you need to do in order to respond to this growing consumer interest as a professional in the baking industry? We will walk you through what you need to know about artisan-style breads, also known as craft, rustic or handmade breads.

Health & Well-being in Sweet Baked Goods

Eating a healthy diet is not about strict limitations or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great and improving your health and yes, that means even indulging in patisserie items! In this blog article, we will talk about how to bring health and well-being into the sweet baked goods category.

Canadians seek healthier options in baked goods

Today, consumers want to live a healthy life more than ever before, and food plays an important role in this lifestyle. In Canada specifically, consumers are taking a new approach toward health by looking at nutritional factors, seeking healthier options and expecting more of the good ingredients and less of the bad on their baked goods. We will walk through some of the insights from Taste Tomorrow, a global consumer survey, to go in-depth on some of the health trends on the baked goods category.

Taste is crucial when buying bread, patisserie and chocolate

Taste is and always will be the number one criterion for many consumers when buying bread, patisserie and chocolate. Already in 2015, consumers in Canada said taste was the most important factor for all three categories. Today, consumers confirm the continued importance of taste in a global consumer research program named Taste Tomorrow.

Why work with Bread Improvers?

Ever wonder why bakers use improvers? What does a bread improver actually do? Can an improver really improve my baked goods? What are the benefits of using bread improvers? For answers to these questions and more, read our conversation with Sergio Arruda, Puratos Canada Technical Advisor.

Taking the challenge out of making vegan sweet goods

As consumers are continuously striving for healthier lifestyles, the need for vegan or plant-based food options is growing, including vegan sweet baked goods. In this new blog article, we explain some of the challenges when trying to find success with vegan baking and how to tackle them as well introduce our Satin Vegan Cake Mix as a solution to take the challenge out of making vegan sweet goods.

The Goodness of Grains

The benefits of whole grains are endless! With the growing interest and knowledge of consumers about grains and seeds, whole grains have become an essential staple to the diet of many people around the world. They are seen as power ingredients, perfectly in line with the market trends, as they’re considered to be both healthy and tasty.



Come visit our Booth at Fiesta Farinex 2019

Puratos Canada Inc. is excited to announce its participation in this year’s Fiesta Farinex in Laval, QC on September 22 and 23, 2019. Together with other exhibitors, Puratos Canada will be present at Fiesta Farinex, where we will showcase our latest products and provide technical advice. In addition, you will be able to benefit from many attractive discounts on a range of products, including ours.

Connect with us at IBIE 2019

Visit us at the IBIE Artisan Marketplace Crafted by Puratos at IBIE 2019 where you will have the opportunity to personalize your bread and learn more about sourdough and how it can help your business grow.

Puratos Canada expands its sustainable chocolate program

Puratos Canada is working with its global team to bring its passion for great-tasting chocolate with a sustainable future to cocoa-producing regions by growing its Cacao-Trace sustainable cocoa sourcing program. This program focuses on quality and through improved taste creates added value for everyone involved with chocolate, from farmer to consumer.

Learn more about Puratos plant-based suitable solutions

In response to consumers’ needs and the growing trend for plant-based baked goods, Puratos Canada Inc. proudly presents a full range of plant-based suitable solutions to help you cater to plant-based diets with your creations.

Discover Puratos at the Bakery Showcase 2019 in May

Puratos Canada Inc. is excited to announce its participation in this year’s Bakery Showcase in Montreal, QC. Visit us at booth 805 and enjoy the delicious taste of real Belgian chocolate, featuring our Belcolade range, discover the latest baking ingredient solutions to bring your baked goods to the next level and be inspired with our newest bakery and patisserie recipes.

Puratos Canada Achieves Highest Certification Under BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

Puratos Canada achieves highest certification under BRC global standard for food safety. Puratos Canada is proud to be awarded certification in accordance with the British Retailer Consortium’s (BRC) global standard for food safety, at our Mississauga production facility, with a “AA” grade – the highest possible grade within the audit program.

Discover our new Easy Brioche Bakery Mix

Did you know that Brioche is the name of a traditional French soft bread, whose high egg and butter content gives it a rich and tender crumb. In France, it’s commonly eaten at breakfast with jam, while here in Canada, consumers are still getting introduced to the concept, but it is a growing trend that continues to gain momentum throughout retail and foodservice.

Discover Belcolade at the Restaurants Canada Show 2019

Bring your sweet goods to the next level with real Belgian chocolate ingredients. Visit our distributor partner Chocolat Central at the Restaurants Canada Show (February 24-26, Toronto) to learn about Belcolade, the real Belgian chocolate. Booth #1913.

2019 Puratos Academy Schedule

The Puratos Academy 2019 schedule for the GTA is available now! Join us for a year filled with inspirational, hands-on workshops in Patisserie and Bakery. We look forward to inspiring you with new recipes, tips & tricks and the latest trends in the baking industry.

Holiday Season Schedule 2018

As the holiday season approaches, Puratos Canada Inc. would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business over this past year. To assist in your holiday planning, please note that our production facility will be closed from December 24th 2018 to January 1st 2019.

Puratos Canada featured in Business-in-Focus magazine

Puratos Canada was recently featured in Business In Focus magazine to highlight Puratos Canada 30 years presence on Canadian soil as a bakery ingredient supplier.

Puratos Canada launches Topfil

Puratos Canada is excited to announce the launch of Topfil, a new product line of ready-to-use fruit fillings. Topfil offers a range of benefits including more natural fruit, a higher fruit percentage and a Clean(er) in comparison to other fillings currently on the market.

Puratos Canada inducts Canada’s first sourdough culture into its library

Puratos Canada has inducted Toronto-based Blackbird Baking Co.’s sourdough starter to its sourdough library in St. Vith, Belgium.

Puratos at the Bakery Showcase in April

Puratos Canada is excited to announce its participation in this year’s Bakery Showcase, held in Toronto on April 29 and 30. Bakery Showcase is Canada's largest and only baking industry specific B2B event in 2018 that includes a trade show, educational seminars & workshops and other social programs.

University’s annual International Symposium on Bread.

Puratos is the presenting sponsor of Johnson & Wales University’s annual International Symposium on Bread.

Puratos is proud to announce the improved version of its successful bread improver S500.

Puratos is proud to announce the improved version of its successful bread improver S500.

Puratos Academy 2018 schedule for GTA is available.

Join us for a year filled with inspirational, hands-on workshops in Patisserie and Bakery. We look forward to inspiring you with new recipes, tips & tricks and the latest trends in the baking industry.

Puratos Launches The Virtual Innovation Center

Puratos launches a Virtual Innovation Center to support their customers in bakery, patisserie and chocolate in creating the best finished goods. Puratos’ know-how is now available 24/7.

Develop great tasting and healthy breads with Softgrain

Softgrain is a blend of grains and seeds infused with flavour from natural fermentation to provide you with a unique range of ready-to-use solutions for your multigrain breads.

Add more shine to your baked goods with Sunset Glaze

Sunset Glaze is a clean label ready-to-use egg wash alternative, which can be used for wide range of applications (savoury, brioches and buns, croissants, soft bread and sandwiches).

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Discover our


Sourdough Library

Located in our Center for Bread Flavour in Sankt-Vith, Belgium, the Sourdough Library gathers a unique collection of sourdoughs from all over the world, each with its own distinct charecteristics.

Center For Bread Flavour

Located in St. Vith, Belgium, the Center For Bread Flavour gives customers, scientists and Puratos employees the chance to share their passion for bread and best practice in achieving perfect flavours. It is also home to our famous Sourdough Library.

Bakery Schools

One of our aims is to help young people from underprivileged communities secure jobs that guarantee them a good quality of life. In India and Brazil, we have achieved this by opening our first bakery schools.