Chocolate Lava Cupcakes

Ingredients to Prepare Satin Chocolate Velvet Cake
Satin Chocolate Velvet Cake CL 1000 Gr
Whole eggs 250 Gr
Oil 350 Gr
Water 400 Gr

Working Method

Composition and Preparation

1. Satin Chocolate Velvet Cake

  • Place the ingredients in the mixing bowl and blend together for 1 minute on low speed using the paddle attachment
  • Scrape down bowl and mix for an additional 4 minutes on medium speed
  • Scale: 40-45 grams each
  • Bake Temperature: 165- 170oC
  • Bake Time: 20-25 minutes
  • Allow to cool completely before filling and frosting

2. Filling

  • Ready-to-use with the help of a pastry bag and injection tip, fill each cupcake with 10-13 grams of Cremfil Dark Chocolate

3. Topping 1

  • Place Belgian Pure Ganache in standard mixing bowl and whip on 2nd speed until aerated and much lighter in colour
  • Using a pastry bag and round tip, proceed in frosting each cupcake
  • Place in the fridge or freezer for a short time to stabilize the icing before the next step  

4. Topping 2


Complexity level:  

Start by filling the cupcake liners with 40-45 grams of Satin chocolate velvet. Once cupcakes are baked and have cooled, proceed in filling with 10-13 grams of Cremfil Dark Chocolate. Using a pastry bag and round tip, proceed in frosting each cupcake. Melt the Belgian Pure Ganache and decorate on cupcakes.