Lemon Blueberry Tart


Working method

1. Base- Tart Shell Sable

·         Mix icing sugar, almond powder, flour, salt and butter together to obtain a sandy texture.

·         Add eggs gradually to obtain a smooth dough.

·         Wrap in cling film and put in the fridge to stabilize for easier rolling out.

·         Roll out and fit onto tart pan.

·         Line the pan with Clingfilm wrap and fill with baking stones or beans; this will prevent the tart from shrinkage around the walls.

Baking Time and Temperature

·         180°C   Time can vary depending on size and thickness of dough.

·         After 20 min of baking remove from oven and empty baking stones or beans, discard the Clingfilm and put back into oven until golden. Unmold tarts and place on cooling rack.    Unmolding the tarts warm helps in preserving them crispy.

·         Store baked tarts in cardboard box with Silica to prevent humidity from atmosphere from softening them

Tips and Tricks: Once tart has cooled coat with a thin layer of melted chocolate or coco butter, this will help keep the tart crispy for longer.

2. Filling

·         With the use of pastry bags fitted with round 1.5cm tips fill half tart shell with Cremfil Lemon and the other half with Topfil Choice Wild Blueberry level the fillings out with an offset spatula

3. Glazing Décor

·         Apply a thin layer of Miroir L’Original Neutra on surface of fillings

·         As seen in photo place fresh blueberries on half of the tart and with the use of a pastry brush apply Miroir L’Original Neutra on the blueberries

4. Topping

·         Whip the Ambiante on 1st speed for 1 minute and on 2nd speed until stabilized.

·         With the use of a pastry bag fitted with a round tip apply a dollop of whipped Ambiante on top as seen in photo above

About this recipe

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  • Summer
  • Patisserie
  • Glazes
  • Pie (Fruit tarts, Crumble)