Key Lime Bar

Ingredients to Prepare Key Lime Tart Insert
Cremfil Silk Key Lime 400 Gr
One Step Neutral Mousse K 50 Gr
Water 50 Gr
Ingredients to Prepare Almond Crumble Crust
Tegral Crumble 500 Gr
Butter 133 Gr
Almond powder 70 Gr
Vanilla flavouring
Deli Meringue As needed
Lime zest As needed


  • Combine One Step Mousse with water and mix until it fluffy.
  • Mix Cremfil Key Lime with prepared O/S mousse.  Pour into rectangular silicone molds and freeze.
  • Prepare crumble crust by adding all ingredients into mixer with paddle attachment and mixing until crumbly.
  • Place about 15g into same sized molds as key lime as bake until light brown.
  • Freeze crust and unmold.
  • Place frozen mousse on top of crust and dip in melted Decocrem White.
  • Finish with Deli Meringue (torch as desired) and garnish with lime zest.

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