Lemon Mousse Verrine

Ingredients to Prepare Lemon Mousse
Cremfil Lemon 400 Gr
Ambiante 100 Gr
Ingredients to Prepare Almond Crumble
Tegral Crumble 500 Gr
Butter 133 Gr
Almond powder 70 Gr
Vanilla flavouring As needed
Decoration (optional)
Lemon zest As needed
Topfil Choice Strawberry As needed


  • Fold Cremfil Lemon into whipped Ambiante until smooth. Set aside.
  • Using a whip attachment whip Ambiante until stiff peak is obtained
  • Make up crumble and bake at 350°F until golden brown. Allow to cool.
  • Prepare crumble by adding all ingredients into mixer with paddle attachment and mixing until crumbly. Bake and allow to cool.
  • Place a small amount of crumble into the verrine.
  • Pipe a small amount of Topfil Choice Strawberry on top of crumble.
  • Pipe lemon mousse on top and garnish as desired. 

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