Dark Chocolate Chunk Filled Muffins

Ingredients to Prepare Batter
Satin Moist'R Cake Mix 1000 Gr
Whole eggs 350 Gr
Oil 300 Gr
Water 225 Gr
Ingredients to Prepare Topping
Belcolade chocolate chunks 175 Gr
Ingredients to Prepare Filling
Cremfil Ultim Dark 20-80 500 Gr

Working Method

Composition and Preparation

1. Batter

  • Using a paddle, mix Satin Moist’R Cake, liquid eggs, oil and water for 1 minute on 1st speed, then scrape bowl and mix for another 4 minutes on 2nd speed
  • Fill lined muffin pan with plain batter
  • Top each muffin with 7 grams of chocolate chunks and bake
  • Bake Temperature: 180 ºC / 356 ºF
  • Oven Type: Deck
  • Bake Time: 20-23 minutes
  • Baking time and temperature are based on oven used and batter weight

2. Filling

  • Remove muffins from pan and allow to cool completely before filling with Cremfil Ultim Dark
  • Using a pastry bag fitted with a nose tip, proceed in filling with Cremfil Ultim Dark 20-80, 20 grams each muffin

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