Blueberry Cream Cheese Individual layer Cakes


Working method

1.Recipe for Layer Cake


·    Place the ingredients in the mixing bowl and blend together for 1 minute on low speed using the paddle attachment. Scrape down bowl and mix for an additional 4 minutes on medium speed.

·    Bake in a rack oven at 165°C/329°F or in a deck oven at 175°C/375°F for approximately 45 minutes

·    For sheet layers Scale at 850 grams

·    For sheet layers bake at 180°C-190°C in Rack oven for 9-11 min

·    Allow to cool and cut into round disks.

2. Filling


·    Using whisk attachment, whip the Ambiante and Cremfil Silk Cream cheese on 2nd speed until a stable filling is obtained.

·    Place filling in pastry bag

·    Build the mini cakes by placing a layer of cake followed by a layer of filling. Repeat this one more time and top with Topfil Choice Wild Blueberry.

3. Glazing

·    Apply a layer of Miroir L’Original on surface of filling

4. Decorations

·    Carat Chocolate Shavings on top as in photo.


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