Holiday Trifles

Working Method

Composition and Preparation

1. Cake

  • Using a whip attachment, place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix 1 minute on
  • slow speed, 6 minutes on high speed, and 1 minute on slow speed
  • Scale : 1025 grams on 2 lined sheet pans
  • Bake Temperature: 180°C (360°F)
  • Bake Time: 13-16 minutes, allow to cool

2. Cremyvit Classic

  • In a mixing bowl, add water followed by Cremyvit Classic and mix for 1 minute on slow speed
  • Scrape down the sides and bottom of the bowl and continue to mix for 2 minutes on high speed, until smooth and homogeneous custard texture is obtained
  • Can be used immediately or cover with plastic film and refrigerate for 20 minutes to rest before using

3. Fillings

  • Layer the filling of your choice (Topfil Choice Strawberry, Topfil Plus Cherry, Topfil Choice Wild Blueberry) between layers of cake and custard as desired

4. Whipped topping

  • Add cold Ambiante at 5⁰C to mixing bowl and with the use of a whisk attachment, whip on medium speed until firm for pipping. 
  • Proceed to decorate


Complexity level:  

In a trifle bowl or large clear bowl, add a layer of sliced Tegral Sponge Cake covering the entire bottom of the bowl. Top with prepared Cremyvit Classic custard and a layer the filling of your choice. Repeat this process until the bowl is full. Garnish with Ambiante and fresh fruit.