Winter Wonderland Cake

Ingredients to Prepare Cake Layers
Satin Velvet Cake 1000 Gr
Water 400 Gr
Oil 250 Gr
Whole Eggs 250 Gr
Ingredients to Prepare Fillings
Ambiante 2100 Gr
1800 Gr
Fresh Raspberry As needed
Ingredients to Prepare Decoration
Deli Meringue

Working Method

Cake Layers:

  • Place all the ingredients in the mixing bowl and blend together for 1 min. on slow speed using the paddle attachment.
  • Scrape down bowl and mix for an additional 4 min. on medium speed. Scale in 8 inch pan, 630 g.
  • Bake in a rack oven at 165°C – 170°C (329°F -338°F) for approximately 40 min. or when core temperature is 97°C (206°F), closed damper. Allow to cool completely before slicing.


  • Put cold Ambiante along with Fruitfil Raspberry in bowl or mixer and with the use of the whip attachment, mix on slow speed for 1 min. then mix on medium or high speed until thickened.


  • Pour 2 kg of cooled Deli Meringue in mixing bowl and with the use of a whip attachment beat medium to high speed until stabilized.

Assembly and Decoration

Complexity level:  

  • Line nine 8-inch cake ring pans with acetate film and place each ring on a cake board for assembly.
  • Cut each 8-inch round Satin Vanilla Velvet Cake into 3 layers (190 g each).
  • Place one layer on bottom of ring pan.
  • With the use of a pastry bag, apply 220 g whipped raspberry filling onto layer and add fresh raspberries.
  • Place a layer of Satin Vanilla Velvet Cake on top and apply a little pressure. Close remainder of mould with whipped raspberry filling. 
  • Put cake in Shock freezer or regular freezer to stabilize before decorating with Deli Meringue.
  • Cover surface of cake with (200 -250 g) of prepared Deli Meringue see photo or decorate as desired.
  • For detailing, decorate with Carat Coverlux Dark see photo or as desired.


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