Apple Crumble Cheesecake

Ingredients to Prepare Crumble
Tegral Crumble 1000 Gr
Butter 250 Gr
Raisins for decoration Q.S.
Crumble 190 Gr
Ingredients to Prepare Satin Moist'R Cake Mix
Satin Moist'R Cake Mix 400 Gr
Strong Baker's Flour 100 Gr
Baby oats 55 Gr
Eggs 110 Gr
Butter (room temperature) 200 Gr
Ingredients to Prepare Apple Insert
150 Gr
Ingredients for Recipe Apple Insert
Cremfil Silk Cream Cheese 3000 Gr
Two Step Neutral Mousse K 400 Gr
Lemon Concentrate 42 Gr
Ambiante 750 Gr
Dairy Cream 35% 600 Gr

Working Method

Composition and Preparation

1. Crumble

  • Mix with a paddle until becomes a crumble
  • Freeze to spread out easily.
  • Dry in deck oven at 180°C.
  • Put aside 

2. Satin Moist’R Cake Sable Breton

  • Mix all dry  ingredients  along with butter with a paddle until a dough is obtained
  • Incorporate eggs slowly.
  • Roll to 7-8 mm between baking papers.
  • Bake in a deck oven at 175°C 15 – 18 min, open damper.
  • Let cool
  • Place sable Breton on cake board followed by a ring mold. Leave aside

3. Apple Insert Recipe

  • Spread Fruitfil Apple in a ring of 14 cm diameter.
  • Freeze
  • Whip Cremfil Silk Cream cheese with Two Step Neutral Mousse and water with a whip attachment for 3 min on 2nd speed.  Add in lemon concentrate and continue to whip on 2nd speed  while slowly  adding in the  Ambiante.  When it starts to thicken, slowly add in dairy cream and whip for another 2-3 min.
  • Proceed in filling above ring molds, place a layer of Cream Cheese filling and the Fruitfil Apple disk followed by another layer of cream cheese filling.  Freeze and proceed in decorating.

4. Decoration

  • Puratos Mirroir L’Original Neutre as needed  
  • Decorate with baked crumble, raisins & decoration sugar

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