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Satin Moist'R Cake Base

A moist, rich and versatile crème cake mix for loaf cakes and muffins with exceptional shelf life.

Satin Moist'R Cake CL

A moist, rich and versatile crème cake mix for loaf cakes and muffins with exceptional shelf life.

Sapore Adelia Tempo

Originating from France, Sapore Adelia is a liquid wheat sourdough that is fermented for over than 48 hours, developing a lactic flavour with creamy notes. Sapore Adelia is a versatile sourdough that can be used to produce a wide array of baked goods and provides consistent flavour and texture.

Puratop Silky Smooth Vanilla Icing

This ready-to-use classic vanilla buttercrème icing is perfect for decorating cakes. Free of partially hydrogenated fat. Suitable for Vegan diets.

Topfil Plus Mixed Berry

Topfil Plus Mixed Berry contains 40% berries and is a ready-to-use filling for toppings and fillings for pastries

Intens Freshness 2-30

Intens Freshness 2-30 is a clean label modular solution, made with a new generation of freshness enzymes that can extend the shelf life of your product for 21+ days, without compromising any textural parameters of the baked goods.

Intens Freshness CL

Intens Freshness CL is a clean label modular solution based on the latest enzyme technology and help to increase freshness by increasing the softness and moistness of the crumb.

Belcolade Selection White

Our perfectly well balanced standard reference, which is the most preferred in the white chocolate market.

Tegral Sponge

A moist, rich and consistent sponge cake mix for the preparation of superior European-style sponge cakes and jelly rolls

Tegral Satin Chocolate Cream Cake

A convenient complete mix for moist crème cakes, with excellent carrying properties for inclusions

Tegral Brownie

A versatile mix for moist, chocolatey and chewy brownies.

Sunset Glaze

The perfect alternative to traditional egg-washes: it is safe, easy andcost-efficient. Stored at ambient temperature until opened.

Soft'R Alpaga

An improver for the production of soft breads and buns on automatic lines.

Softgrain Sweet 5 Grain

Softgrain Sweet 5 Grain - a tasty blend of 5 grains and seeds - oats, sunflower seed, flax seed, millet and cracked wheat - which has been perfectly pre-soaked in a sweet fermentation flavour giving your breads, cakes and cookies a touch of sweetness and loads of whole grain goodness.

Softgrain Rye CL

Softgrain Rye CL - Simply Rye! Rye grains that have been pre-soaked in a mild sourdough enhancing the taste and texture of your breads. Clean(er) label. Softgrain - a simpler way of offering your customers the goodness of grains

Softgrain Multigrain

Softgrain Multigrain is a delicious blend of 6 grains and seeds - wheat, rye, oats, flax seeds, millet and teff - pre-soaked in a mild sourdough, providing an enhanced flavour and texture. Also available in Clean(er) label.

Satin Vanilla Velvet Cake

A moist vanilla crème cake that bakes flat for easy assembly. Most suitable for cupcakes, layer cakes and slab cakes. Clean(er) Label.

Satin Red Velvet Cake

A moist red velvet crème cake that bakes flat for easy assembly. Most suitablefor cupcakes, layer cakes and slab cakes.

Satin Crème Cake

A moist crème cake mix with exceptional shelf life and great versatility.