Sapore Panarome

A traditional sponge and dough flavour profile, enhancing a freshly baked bread

flavour. The sponge & dough method gives a nice fruity and yeasty flavour to the

bread. These aromatic compounds are produced during the alcohol fermentation of

the yeast. Liquid format.  Clean(er) Label.

  • A great taste
  • A longer shelf life
  • Numerous nutritional and health statements
  • Enhance final bread quality
  • Kosher Pareve COR322
  • BRC Global Standard Certification

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Customer advantages
  • Outstanding quality
  • Easy to use
  • Ready to use
  • Wide range of applications
Customer advantages
  • A great taste
  • Better quality through preserved freshness
  • Optimized freezer shelf-life

Sponge extract (water, fermented wheat flour).

Application / method:

The spray of a combination between Sapore Panarome and ethanol improves the flavor of the bread and

prolongs the shelf-life (inhibits mold growth).

Sapore Panarome is a clean label ingredient and can be declared as (aromatic) fermented dough extract.

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