Chocolate Caramel Whoopies

Ingredients to Prepare Satin Chocolate Velvet Whoopies
Satin Chocolate Velvet Cake CL 1000 Gr
Whole eggs 260 Gr
Oil 300 Gr
Water 250 Gr

Working Method

Preparation and Assembly


  • Place the ingredients in the mixing bowl and blend together for 1 minute on low speed using the paddle attachment. Scrape down bowl and mix for an additional 3 minutes on medium speed
  • On a lined baking pan pipe rounds about 5-6 grams each
  • Bake in a rack oven at 180⁰C approximately 8-9 minutes. Closed tamper
  • Allow to cool completely before filling


  • Pipe approx. 3 grams of Deli Dulce De Leche on one whoopie cake caps, use another whoopie cake cap and sandwich them together
  • Put in fridge or freezer to chill for easier and more efficient enrobing
  • Melt Carat Coverlux and enrobe each whoopie
  • Place each piece on a transfer cocoa butter decoration sheet and leave to stabilize completely before removing from transfer sheet
  • Carefully remove Whoopies from transfer sheet and turn over, so that cocoa butter decoration is visible


About this recipe

Complexity level:  

The moist and soft texture makes whoopie pies that melt in your mouth and give you that sweet comfort during cold days.


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