Cherry Cream Cheese Layer Cake

Working Method

Composition and Preparation

1. Satin Layer Cake
  • Place the ingredients in the mixing bowl and blend together for 1 minute on low speed using the paddle attachment
  • Scrape down bowl and mix for an additional 4 minutes on medium speed
  • Scale: 550 grams each
  • Rack oven
  • Bake Temperature: 165°C
  • Bake Time: 40-45 minutes 

2. Filling

  • Spread Topfil Plus Cherry fruit filling between both layers of cake

3. Masking

  • Mask the cake with ready-to-use Puratop Silky Smooth Cream Cheese Icing


  • Proceed to decorate the edges of the cake with Graham cracker crumbs
  • Using a pastry bag and star tip, proceed in frosting the surface of the cake as desired


Complexity level:  

Cut each cake into two equal layers. Spread 200 grams of Topfil Plus Cherry on the bottom layer and close the remaining layer on top. Put in the freezer to stabilize before masking. Once the cake is stabilized, proceed with the masking and finishing décor.