Crazy Cherry Cruffin

Ingredients To Prepare

Grams %
Flour, Strong Baker's 1800g 100%
Water 864g 48%
Sugar 180g 10%
Yeast 90g 5%
Fat in Dough 90g 5%
Salt 36g 2%
S500 CL 36g 2%
Fat for Lamination 900g 50%
As Needed for Decoration
Post Bake Filling
500g 50%
Topfil Plus Cherry 500g 50%

Composition and Preparation

Mixing Spiral: 4 minutes on slow and 4 minutes on fast Dough Temperature: 21°C Bulk Fermentation: 5 minutes at ambient temperature

Scale & Make-Up

Scaling Weight: 1740 g

Intermediate Proof: 30 minutes in freezer

Lamination & Make-up: 1 double and 1 single fold (for total of 12 layers). Cut into 12 cm long x 8 cm wide rectangle, then cut into two right angle triangles.

Final Fermentation: 120 minutes at 27°C and 80 % humidity

Final Make-up: Place base of two triangles together, tightly roll into muffin shape and then place upright in muffin pan.

Decoration before Baking: Spray Sunset Glaze Oven Temperature: Rack Oven set at 200°F Bake Time: +/- 17 minutes

Post Baking
Whip Ambiante Non-Dairy Whipped Topping and add equal part Topfil Plus Cherry Fruit Filling. Fill piping bag and inject into each baked and cooled cruffin.

Good to Know

Once cooled, inject with Ambiante and Fruit Filling mixture, in middle of Cruffin. Use various fillings from our Topfil range to offer a variety of flavours to your customers.

Use various fillings from

our Topfil and Cremfil

ranges to offer a variety

of flavours to your



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