Pao de Deus

Unit(s) Percent
Flour, Strong Baker's 5000 g 100%
Milk 1500 g 30%
Yeast 250 g 5%
Salt 100 g 2%
Butter 750 g 15%
S500 CL 100 g 2%
125 g 2.5%
Intens Freshness CL 100 g 2%
Sugar 900 g 18%
Eggs 1500 g 30%
Sunset Glaze As Desired
Coconut Topping
Coconut 1000 g 20%
Sugar 2000 g 40%
Egg yolk 900 g 18%

Working Method


About this recipe

Complexity level:  

Great for breakfast or on-the-go! This Pao de Deus, inspired by Portugal, will not disappoint. Fluffy and soft inside, with a deliciously, crunchy coconut topping. Each bite is a little slice of heaven!

Tip: Add half of the butter and sugar to first phase of mixing, and remainder to second phase to optimize mixing.


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