Sapore Sweet 5 Grains Croissant

Unit(s) %
Strong Baker's Flour 10000 Gr 100%
Softgrain Sweet 5 Grain 2500 Gr 25%
Salt 150 Gr 1.5%
Fresh Yeast 500 Gr 5%
S500 150 Gr 1.5%
Sugar 1000 Gr 10%
Milk Powder 300 Gr 3%
Margarine/Butter 400 Gr 4%
Water (ice cold) 5200 Gr 52%

Working Method

About this recipe

Complexity level:  

Give a twist to your regular croissants and add some whole grains to it. These croissants are tasty and healthy thanks to the addition of Softgrain Sweet 5 Grain to the recipe. The blend of grains and seeds are infused with a mild sourdough and finished off with a hint of honey, giving the croissant a surprising touch.