Whole Grain Miche

Ingredients To Prepare

Grams %
Strong Bakers Flour 2000g 40%
Flour, Wholegrain Wheat 1500g 30%
Flour, Wholegrain Spelt 1500g 30%
Yeast 25g 0.5%
Sapore Oracolo Tempo 1000g 20%
S500 CL 50g 1%
Water 3500g 70%

Working Method

Mixing Spiral: 8 minutes on slow and 6 minutes on fast Dough Temperature: 26°C Bulk Fermentation: 2 hours and 45 minutes at ambient temperature

Scale and Make Up
Scaling Weight: 1000 g Intermediate Proof: 25 minutes on bench, uncovered Make-up: Boule shape Final Fermentation: 16 hours at 4°C

Decoration before Baking suggestion: Wheat leaves decorative score. Oven Temperature: Deck set at 240°C, then reduce to 220°C after bread has been in oven for 1 minute. Bake Time: +/- 50 minutes.

Whole Grain Miche

The goodness of whole grains with the delicious addition of our new Sapore Oracolo Tempo - a rye based sourdough with delicious complex flavours, making it the perfect addition to your whole grain baked goods.


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