Cinnamon Multigrain Sourdough

Working Method


  • Mixing Spiral: 5 minutes on slow and 6 minutes on fast
  • Dough Temperature: 24-26°C

Scale & Make-Up

  • Bulk Fermentation: 60 minutes
  • Scaling Weight: 100 g
  • Make-up: Oval or round
  • Topping: Flour
  • Final Fermentation: 60 minutes


  • Oven Temperature: 210°C with steam
  • Bake Time: 30-35 minutes

Cinnamon Multigrain Sourdough

Complexity level:  

So many flavours come together in harmony in this deliciously sweet sourdough loaf. Bursting with grains and seeds and the added flavours of Sapore Traviata and O-tentic Origin (two favourites of Technical Advisor, Sergio Arruda). The brown sugar and cinnamon take it to a new level. Great with a spread of butter or used for french toast.