Bakery Showcase 2024

At the recent Bakery Showcase 2024 in Toronto, Puratos Canada made a significant mark by connecting with customers and demonstrating leadership in food innovation. The two-day event served as a platform for Puratos to showcase its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and consumer understanding through practical demonstrations and informative talks, presentation of products and finished goods.

One highlight of Puratos' presence at the showcase was the Patisserie Demo, which not only displayed the company's expertise in supporting customers with finished goods concepts but also emphasized the sustainable quality and versatility of its products, particularly through the Cacao-Trace® Program. By presenting delightful treats made with Belcolade chocolate, Puratos underscored its dedication to creating finished goods that are both delicious and environmentally responsible.

More information about the Cacao-Trace® Program

In addition to showcasing its products, Puratos engaged attendees with informative sessions such as the Bakery Talk on "Power Ingredients: Grains, Seeds, and Sourdough." This session explored the significance of these ingredients in modern baking, delving into their nutritional benefits and flavor profiles. Through such discussions, Puratos demonstrated its role as a thought leader, sharing insights into consumer behavior, attitudes, and future trends while offering best practices to enhance the nutrition, taste, and texture of bakery products.

Throughout the event, Puratos actively engaged with industry players, fostering discussions and collaborations aimed at driving positive change within the baking industry. By sharing knowledge and showcasing its commitment to sustainability and innovation, the company confirmed its role as a catalyst in shaping the future of baking while meeting the evolving needs of consumers and businesses alike.