Cake and sponge mixes

Puratos cake and sponge cake mixes enable you to make an endless variety of cake products quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

We regularly review and revise our mixes to keep pace with consumer trends. Our collaboration with international patissiers also enables us to develop our products in line with their requirements.

What’s more, thanks to our global presence and R&D capabilities, we’ve been able to diversify and enrich our assortment with local specialties from different regions.

What are the advantages of using cake mixes?

There are many reasons why bakers and patissiers choose to use cake and sponge cake mixes. The practical benefits include:

  • Convenience: less preparation time and less stock management
  • Peace of mind: consistent quality, bake after bake 
  • Efficiency: less recipe errors when scaling
  • Storage: simple to stock and store
  • Speed: shorter production times

Why use Puratos’ cake and sponge cake mixes?

Our cake and sponge cake mixes enable you to differentiate your products through:

  • Superior cake quality: texture and taste that satisfies consumer preference and expectation
  • Innovation: developments in taste and new product ideas in line with consumer trends

Cake and sponge mixes


Tegral Satin Chocolate Cream Cake

A convenient complete mix for moist crème cakes, with excellent carrying properties for inclusions

Satin Crème Cake

A moist crème cake mix with exceptional shelf life and great versatility.

Satin Velvet Cake

A moist vanilla crème cake that bakes flat for easy assembly. Most suitable for cupcakes, layer cakes and slab cakes. Clean(er) Label.

Tegral Sponge

A moist, rich and consistent sponge cake mix for the preparation of superior European-style sponge cakes and jelly rolls


Acti-Fresh are innovative cake concentrates that act as the foundation of cakes and help you achieve outstanding cake quality every bake. Discover our range of 4 textures and deliver the quality your consumers crave for.

Tegral Brownie

A versatile mix for moist, chocolatey and chewy brownies.

Satin Red Velvet Cake

A moist red velvet crème cake that bakes flat for easy assembly. Most suitablefor cupcakes, layer cakes and slab cakes.

Satin Whole Grain Cake

A moist and delicious cake mix for the preparation of whole graincakes and muffins.

Satin Moist'R Cake

A moist, rich and versatile crème cake mix for loaf cakes and muffins with exceptional shelf life.

Satin Chocolate Velvet Cake CL

A moist chocolate crème cake that bakes flat for easy assembly. Most suitable for cupcakes, layer cakes and slab cakes. Clean(er) Label.

Tegral Crumble

An easy to use preparation for a crumble topping.

Tegral Chocolate Cake

A dark, rich chocolate cake mix designed to incorporate Real Belgian Chocolate.

Belfil Cinnamon CL

A cinnamon filling, for use in cinnamon buns, coffee cakes and other pastries, which retains its structure through baking.

Deluxe Pudding Cake

A moist cake mix with excellent inclusion retention for the preparation of loaf cakes and mufins and a convenient solution to make outstanding pudding cake.

Easy Scone mix

A versatile scone base used for multiple types of scones.

Tegral Egg-cept Cake

A delicious mix for the preparation of cakes and muffins without eggs. Used for the production of cakes where eggs cannot be used.

Vanilla Crème Cake

A sweet, moist and versatile crème cake mix with excellent vanilla flavour. Used for the preparation of loaf cakes and muffins

Acti-Ovo CL

By using Acti-Ovo, you replace from 20% up to 40% of the eggs in your sweet goods, giving you an egg cost reduction without compromising on quality of the finished application

Tegral Natur'All Grain Cake

A unique moist multigrain cake mix. Clean(er) Label.

Easy Scone Reduced Sodium

A base in powder form to produce reduced sodium scones.

Dark Chocolate Cream Cake Mix

A dark, rich and moist chocolate crème cake mix. Used for the preparation of loaf cakes and muffins.

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