Satin Crème Cake

Creme Cake

Satin, a range of premium cake mixes, is the perfect tool for innovating with tastes and textures. Highly versatile and easy-to-use, Satin mixes deliver the highest level of quality.

Satin Crème Cake is a moist crème cake mix with exceptional shelf life and great versatility.

  • A multi purpose cake mix
  • Developed to improve product performance
  • Creates a rich tasting cake
  • Produces a cake with a soft & moist texture
  • Kosher Dairy COR322D
  • BRC Global Standard Certification

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Customer advantages
  • Increased sales through innovation and differentiation
  • Endless tastes, textures and new finished products
  • Soft and moist texture with a well-balanced freshness
  • Less waste due to consistent quality
Consumer advantages
  • More delight in every bite
  • Produces a superior cake quality

Sugar, wheat flour, vegetable oil (canola and/or soya), modified corn starch, modified milk ingredients,baking powder, salt, wheat starch, emulsifier (rice flour, polyglycerol esters of fatty acids), mono anddiglycerides, artificial flavor, carboxymethylcellulose.

Usage rate / recipe:

100 %

Application / method:

Use in the production of moist cakes, pound cakes, slab cakes and muffins

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