Real Chocolate

Chocolate is the number one flavour used in patisserie and sweet bakery goods today.
Puratos prides itself in using only the highest quality ingredients in all of its products by carefully selecting the finest cocoa beans. Compared to local competitors, Puratos’ products distinguish themselves by their consistent quality and taste. This taste can also be tailored according to local preference. This is how Chocolanté exemplifies the standard for the taste of real chocolate.

What makes Real Chocolate from Puratos unique?

Puratos tries to respond to every modern consumer’s wish for a unique taste experience. To do so, Puratos uses a mobile taste lab to analyse the taste preferences of tens of thousands of consumers. With this information, we make chocolate based on these tastes, responding to both global and local taste patterns. This is how Puratos guarantees that Chocolanté matches your personal preference. It’s a truly flexible product, known for its rich and sophisticated taste and smooth texture that can be adapted to your specific needs. 

Get creative with Puratos Real Chocolate

Puratos offers innovative solutions and produces a wide range of real chocolates to delight bakers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers alike. We have chocolates in a variety of sizes and weights both in liquid and solid form. Get inspired to create any kind of chocolate decoration you like. Or how about a ready-to-use ganache, which you can use as a chocolate filling? Our real chocolate is perfect for cakes or for coating tarts or biscuits. Chocolanté chocolate is easy to temper, making it simple to use for pouring and coating your chocolate moulds. Whatever your needs and however high your standards, you can rest assured that Chocolanté will meet them.

Real Chocolate


Chocolanté Dark Semisweet 44% 4M Chip

Real Chocolate

A dark semisweet bake stable real chocolate chip with a sweet cocoa flavor. (4,000 pieces per pound)

Chocolanté White

Real Chocolate

A well-balanced white chocolate with sweet vanilla notes.

Chocolanté Milk 28%

Real Chocolate

A chocolate with an excellent milky taste and 28% cocoa content.

Chocolanté Dark Bittersweet

Real Chocolate, Chocolate

Bittersweet dark chocolate with notes of fruity raisins and smoked cocoa as well as a hint of sweetness with 58% cocoa content.

Dark Chocolate Shavings

Belcolade Dark Shavings

Real Belgian Chocolate, Real Chocolate

Dark chocolate shavings for pastry and confectionery decorating.

White Chocolate Shavings

Belcolade White Shavings

Real Belgian Chocolate, Real Chocolate

White chocolate shavings for pastry and confectionery decorating.

Delta Milk Chocolate Wafers

Real Chocolate

Creamy milk chocolate wafers for melted creations and irresistible confections.

Delta White Chocolate Wafers

Real Chocolate

Creamy white chocolate wafers for melted indulgence and elegant confections

Delta Dark Chocolate Wafers

Real Chocolate

Dark chocolate wafers for melting, perfect for creating decadent desserts.

Dark Chocolate Chips 1C

Real Chocolate

Dark chocolate chips in 1000 count/lb

Dark Chocolate Wafers No Sugar Added (Maltitol)

Real Chocolate

Rich and decadent dark chocolate wafers with no added sugar.

Dark Chocolate Chips 1C (Maltitol)

Real Chocolate

No Sugar Added dark chocolate chips 1000 count/lb.

Delta Dark Chocolate Chunks

Real Chocolate

Decadent dark chocolate chunks - the ultimate indulgence.

Dark Chocolate Chips 4C

Real Chocolate

Dark chocolate chips in 4000 count/lb

Chocolate Center

At our Chocolate Centers, Puratos experts research the latest trends in chocolate production while also developing new concepts, products, processes and technologies.


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