Grains & Seeds

Going back a thousand years ago, bread didn't exist the way we know it today. Men were hunting and women were collecting grains and seeds to survive. As such whole grains have always been part of our diet.  In the past, no one spoke of ‘whole grains’ for the simple reason that all grains were whole grains. It wasn’t until the 1800s that new milling technology made it possible to separate bran and germ from the endosperm and refined grain made its debut.  Because of their finer texture and longer shelf life, refined grains soon became popular, ignoring the fact that they had a lower nutritional value.

Today, the pendulum swings back again. Consumers are increasingly aware and demand authenticity. A growing appetite for natural, healthy and tasty ingredients inspired by the past, making whole grains, the best bet for the future.

Consumers are getting increasingly conscious and critical about the health benefits that are linked to the foods they eat. Perfectly aligned with this trend, whole grain is now a power ingredient as it is considered to be both healthy and tasty. In a recent Whole Grains Council survey, 89% of respondents said that they choose whole grains for their health benefits and 41% stated that they choose whole grains for their delicious taste.

Actually, in 2018, Canadian consumers stated that grains and seeds were the healthiest baked goods ingredient, with whole grains following closely behind. Despite media hype about low-carb and grain-free fad diets, 96% of consumers tell us their whole grain consumption has either increased or is holding steady compared to five years ago. Nearly 64% of consumers say they are making at least half their grains whole, with about half of these respondents telling us they nearly always choose whole grain options.

At Puratos', we keep both our customers and their end consumers in mind when developing new product offerings.  We are inspired by a variety of grains and seeds that are both flavourful and good for you too.

Grains & Seeds Made Easy

Puratos has different solutions to be your best partner in the whole grain category. Each solution provides you with ready-to-use, flavourful grains and seeds, but they offer different benefits in terms of convenience, flexibility, versatility and nutritional claims.

Softgrain: Ready-to-use whole grains and seeds that have been cooked and infused with sourdough. A process with some obvious advantages to both you and your customers. It contains all the traditional goodness of whole grains, with the additional benefits of natural freshness and superior flavour! Softgrain provides you with the ability to be innovative, with the added convenience of a healthy, flavourful solution that is not only ready-to-use but easy-to-use as well. Softgrain is highly versatile, providing you with the opportunity to develop innovative and differentiating product offerings for your customers.

Puravita: Offers vitality by bringing the taste, wellbeing, and satisfaction only grains and seeds can offer with our easy-to-use bakery mixes. These mixes will result in baked goods with improved nutritional values, making them a perfect contributor to a healthy, balanced diet filled with endless enjoyment. Puratos offers a range of specialty mixes and bases, allowing you to offer your customers the very best while taking advantage of our convenient, consistent products.  By using Puravita, you can provide your customers with nutritional facts that help them make informed decisions.

Grains & Seeds


Softgrain Sprouted Durum & Oat

Bakery mixes, Grains & Seeds

Our newest Softgrain is made with simple, clean(er) label ingredients including sprouted Canadian Durum Wheat, sprouted Hulless Oats and crunchy sunflower seeds.

Honey n Oat Bread

Easy Puravita Honey'N Oat

Bakery mixes, Grains & Seeds

A delicious, wholesome and versatile bread base that delivers a slightly sweet flavour profile.

Softgrain Rye CL

Grains & Seeds

Softgrain Rye CL - Simply Rye! Rye grains that have been pre-soaked in a mild sourdough enhancing the taste and texture of your breads. Clean(er) label. Softgrain - a simpler way of offering your customers the goodness of grains

Apricot Figs Bread

Softgrain Sweet 5 Grain

Grains & Seeds, Sourdough

Softgrain Sweet 5 Grain - a tasty blend of 5 grains and seeds - oats, sunflower seed, flax seed, millet and cracked wheat - which has been perfectly pre-soaked in a sweet fermentation flavour giving your breads, cakes and cookies a touch of sweetness and loads of whole grain goodness.

Easy Puravita 9 Grains

Bakery mixes, Grains & Seeds

A great tasting and nutritious 9 grains bread base ideal for a variety of loaves and buns.

Softgrain Multigrain image

Softgrain Multigrain

Grains & Seeds, Sourdough

Softgrain Multigrain is a delicious blend of 6 grains and seeds - wheat, rye, oats, flax seeds, millet and teff - pre-soaked in a mild sourdough, providing an enhanced flavour and texture. Also available in Clean(er) label.

Softgrain Treize

Bakery mixes, Grains & Seeds

Our newest Softgrain features the widest assortment of grains and seeds yet, featuring a meticulously selected blend of 13 different grains and seeds.

Sprouted Grains

Softgrain Sprouted Grain CL

Grains & Seeds, Bakery

Softgrain Sprouted Grain CL is a delicious blend of pre-soaked sprouted grains - wheat, rye, triticale - enrobed with sourdough for extraordinary flavour and texture, with the added benefits of sprouted grains. Clean(er) label offering. Softgrain - a simpler way of offering your customers the goodness of grains.

Softgrain Amber Grain

Grains & Seeds

Softgrain Amber Grain is the newest addition to our Softgrain range. A blend of grains and seeds - oat, sunflower seeds, millet, flax seeds, wheat - pre-soaked with a sourdough, brown sugar and molasses for a sweet, balanced flavour.