Softgrain Rye CL

Softgrain is our range of ready-to-use whole grains and seeds that have been cooked and infused with sourdough. A process with some obvious advantages. It takes all the traditional goodness of whole grains and adds natural freshness and superior taste to it.

Softgrain Rye CL - Simply Rye!  Rye grains that have been pre-soaked in a mild sourdough enhancing the taste and texture of your breads. Clean(er) label.

Softgrain - a simpler way of offering your customers the goodness of grains.

  • Convenience: ready-to-use
  • Versatility: endless applications, endless creativity
  • Outstanding Freshness: slow release of infused freshness prolonging freshness naturally
  • Clean(er) label
  • Plant-based suitable solution

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Check out our Softgrain brochure & our Vision Magazine: The Goodness of Grains 


Customer advantages
  • Innovation & Differentiation
  • Convenience: Ready-to-use and easy-to-use
  • Versatility
Consumer advantages
  • Outstanding Freshness
  • Great Taste
  • Health

Rye sourdough (water, fermented rye flour), whole rye grains, salt. 

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