S500 Kimo

Frozen baguette

Since its launch in 1975, S500 has been a worldwide reference point for bread improvers. Artisans, as well as more industrialized bakers, see S500 as a high quality product that provides absolute security during all stages of the bread-making process, and one that helps them achieve proven and consistent superior-quality baked goods.

At Puratos, we have helped generations of bakers deal with a variety of challenges and now offer a range of S500 products to meet our customers needs.  Whether it’s challenges with dough tolerance, freshness, volume, shape, clean label, or delivering healthier finished products, we have you covered.  

S500 Kimo is a powdered improver to be used in the production of all frozen, unfermented yeast-raised frozen doughs. S500 Kimo should be used when you are looking to extend the frozen shelf life of your dough products.

  • A multi-purpose improver based on unique emulsifier and enzyme systems directly produced by Puratos
  • Developed to improve product performance including volume, crust, crumb structure, shape and score/shred
  • Formulated to avoid variations
  • Plant-based suitable solution

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Customer advantages
  • Increased dough tolerance
  • Prevents typical defects that occur within the freezing process
  • Optimized freezer shelf-life
  • Enhance final bread quality
Consumer advantages
  • Improved freshness
  • Improved quality

Wheat flour, diacetyl tartaric acid esters of monoglycerides, calcium carbonate, vegetable oil (canola and/orsoya), ascorbic acid, amylase, xylanase.

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