Intens Freshness

The Intens range of modular solutions is based on the latest ingredient innovation, helping you to improve a single challenge in your dough or final bread, and be fast and flexible when creating new bakery products.  As any production team knows, speed and flexibility have never been more crucial when it comes to product development.

The various modular solutions in the Intens range can be used in a wide range of bakery applications including pan breads, soft buns, crusty breads, flatbreads and croissants. On top of that, each Intens product focuses on a single area of functionality, such as dough rheology, shape, texture or cost reduction.

Intens Freshness is based on the latest enzyme technology and help to increase freshness by increasing the softness and moistness of the crumb.

  • Keeps bread fresher for longer
  • Excellent crumb texture
  • Increased softness
  • Kosher Pareve COR322
  • BRC Global Standard Certification

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Customer advantages
  • Fast and convenient solutions for specific problems
  • Speeds up new product development
  • Allows you to differentiate according to freshness, resilience, and short bite
  • Keeps you in control of the formula
Consumer advantages
  • Soft and moist crumb while maintaining resilience
  • In line with market trends

Mono- and diglycerides, Enriched wheat flour, Amylase.


Usage rate / recipe:

0.25 - 0.50% on flour weight

Application / method:

Used for bakery applications where shelf-life extension is required

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Our dedicated team of researchers and our state-of-the-art facilities are completely at your service.

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