Emulsifiers help to improve the freshness and overall quality of bakery and patisserie products. Essential for creating texture, they also bring robustness to the production process. Monoglycerides, Datem and SSL are the most commonly used emulsifiers.

What are the benefits of using emulsifiers?

Emulsifiers fulfil a variety of vital functions in food preparation. In the world of bakery and patisserie, they bring benefits to both the consumer and the manufacturer of baked goods. These benefits include:

  • Superior eating properties
  • Longer shelf-life
  • Visual product appeal
  • Fat reduction
  • Consistent quality
  • Dough strengthening
  • Crumb softening
  • Waste reduction

What’s special about Puratos emulsifiers?

The Puratos Multec Emulsifiers use high-quality vegetable oil, palm oil or rapeseed oil as their primary raw materials. Through our RSPO membership, we also ensure that our palm oil emulsifiers are sustainably sourced and produced, and through our engagement with RSPO initiatives we have achieved Mass Balance and Segregated certification. What’s more, for customers looking for 100% palm oil-free emulsifiers, we offer a full range derived entirely from rapeseed.

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