Black Forest Tiramisu Verrine


1. Tiramisu Mousse

2. Creamy Ganache

3. Fillings and Toppings

Working Method

Tiramisu Mousse

Creamy Ganache

Fillings And Toppings


• Dip the cookies in the espresso and place in the bottom of verrine cups.

• Pipe a layer of tiramisu mousse.

• Drizzle with Creamy Ganache.

• Pipe a layer of Topfil Plus Cherry.

• Repeat layering process and dust with cocoa powder.

• Pipe a dollop of cherry filling and finish with a maraschino cherry.

About this recipe

Complexity level:  

Inspired by the traditional German black forest cake, these verrines are made with delicious layers of tiramisu mousse and filling along with creamy chocolate ganache. Be sure to get a bit of each layer in every bite!


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