Belcolade Selection White

Belcolade Selection offers a full range of chocolate products. From powerful dark chocolate with a delicate bitter taste to chocolate with a subtle milky flavour and intense caramel and creamy white chocolate that melts in the mouth. Bake-stable chocolate, sugar-free varieties and chocolate for ice-cream are also available.

Belcolade Selection White is our perfectly well balanced standard reference, which is the most preferred in the white chocolate market.

  • Great taste: wide range of applications
  • Real Belgian chocolate
Customer advantages
  • Exceptional and differentiating taste profiles for all product ranges
  • Belgian authenticity
  • Continuous innovation
  • Only available to professionals
  • A comprehensive range of dark, milk and white chocolates
  • Sustainable solutions
Consumer advantages
  • Our unique taste
  • Sustainable solutions

Recipes you can make with Belcolade Selection White

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Belcolade Selection Dark Supreme

An intense cocoa taste with tones of earth and coffee. Made with natural vanilla.

Belcolade Origin Vietnam Milk

A milk chocolate with 45% cocoa is made with Trinitario cocoa that is grown in Vietnam's Mekong Delta. This chocolate has a subtle combination of flavours, including toffee, coffee and cooked milk as well as acid cocoa.

Belcolade Selection Noir

Our 55% dark chocolate reference offering a perfect balance between bitterness & sweetness. Medium viscosity, ideal for coating, drizzling, molding and dipping.

Belcolade Selection Dark Superieur

The sensation of a slightly sweet chocolate with a strong cocoa taste, with natural vanilla.