Revitalizing the Goodness of Bakery: Puratos Canada Partners with Everspring Farms to Introduce New Varieties of Sprouted Grains to their Bakery Products

1 Nov 2021

Grains & Seeds
Improve nutritional value


Toronto, November 1, 2021 – Puratos Canada, announced the company’s partnership with Everspring Farms, to introduce new varieties of sprouted grains to its product lineup, continuing Puratos commitment to innovation and becoming the market leader in health and well-being solutions. Since its inception over 100 years ago, Puratos has focused on consumers’ health & well-being, working determinedly to improve product nutrition, encourage transparent and cleaner labels, and more recently develop organic, gluten-free and plant-based solutions. Taste Tomorrow 2021,Puratos’ proprietary global research study, reveals that consumers are re-thinking their eating habits and are continuously looking for healthier alternatives. For this reason, health and well-being continues to remain at the forefront of Puratos’ research and development. Sprouted grains are in line with today’s consumers expectations: they are viewed as natural, flavourful and healthy. They utilize ancient and slow food traditions making the nutrients easier for the body to use and digest while also enhancing baking performance. 


"With consumer preferences changing to healthier eating, sprouted grains are increasing in popularity for their high energy and nutritional value and people are beginning to understand the implications of what it might mean for their health. Therefore, we are working to find innovative ways to include sprouted grains in our bakery and patisserie applications.” said Michael Simone, General Manager, Puratos Canada. “We are looking forward to this partnership with Everspring Farms because combining our sourdough technology with the traditional process of sprouting grains, will ensure we create the most delectable and nutritious products for our consumers.”

Everspring Farms is a leader in the field of sprouted grains. Nestled in Seaforth, Ontario Everspring Farms takes a distinct approach to sprouted grains: they develop a unique, natural and sweet taste while maintaining a tender texture using sprouting systems custom designed for each type of grain or seed. The option of fermenting the grain after germination allows for even more possibilities for flavour. Everspring Farms has more than 34 years of experience in the sprouting process and supply sprouted ingredients to Canada, The United States, Australia and Europe.

"Sprouting has a lot of untapped potential in Bakery. Our partnership with Puratos is a steppingstone to working collaboratively and expanding the bakery market in Canada.” said Dale Donaldson, Owner, Everspring Farms. “Puratos strong consumer insight will allow us to understand the consumer journey better and will enable us to add more value to our product development process.”