Puratos Canada launches Topfil

13 Sep 2018


Toronto, Ontario, September 5, 2018 —  Puratos Canada is excited to announce the launch of Topfil, a new product line of ready-to-use fruit fillings.

With years in the making, the new Puratos Topfil fruit filling range is completely backed by Canadian-based consumer research and created by the in-house patisserie experts. Topfil is not just an ingredient solution for professionals, but an innovative product that will allow bakeries to create natural fruit-filled items for their shelves.

Topfil is formulated to have a more wholesome texture, better bake and freeze/thaw stability and, most notably, to be free-from high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavours and colours. Topfil also preserves fruit integrity, texture, and flavour that professionals and consumers both know and love.

"We wanted Topfil to bridge the gap between what is available on the market today and what is needed at the bakery and patisserie level. Consumers today want the perfect balance of healthiness, naturalness and taste, so our team took that knowledge and ran with it," says Andrea Rosati, Product Manager for Puratos Canada.

Each Topfil fruit filling is based on understanding the harvest seasons as well selecting the best quality and texture of fruits for each flavour profile. The results are more natural fruit, a higher fruit percentage and a Clean(er) Label in comparison to other fillings currently on the market.

The Puratos Clean(er) Label allows for no artificial flavours, no artificial colours (NAFNAC), no high-fructose corn syrup, non-hydrogenated fats and trans fat. This Clean(er) Label allows Puratos to be a reliable partner in innovation and a leader in bakery and patisserie without compromising. 

Please click here to find out more about Topfil.