How to create a single-origin bouchée? by Jeffrey De Weyer and Oliver Van Nueten

Embark on a culinary journey with Belcolade's Technical Advisor Jeffrey De Weyer and the Belgian Chocolatier Oliver Van Nueten. Together, they are redefining the essence of a classic bouchée, using the exquisite single-origin dark chocolate Belcolade Origins Noir Philippines 68% Cacao-Trace and pecans.

The challenge? To reinvent a classic bouchée with a unique single-origin taste journey, and enrich it with the right combination of ingredients.

The result? A bouchée that respects tradition, with an ingenious twist. It pairs tropical fruit notes and hints of red and dried fruits in this dark chocolate made of 68% cocoa. The finishing touch is the rich, nutty flavor of pecans.

Watch our video and unveil the secrets of this memorable single-origin bouchée to reinvent your chocolate creations.

The recipe: Pecan Bouchée

The recipe: Pecan Bouchée

Dive into this detailed recipe by Jeffrey De Weyer and Oliver Van Nueten, and elevate your chocolate-based creations. Let’s create chocolate magic!

Back to the origins of chocolate taste

Let’s create a single-origin bouchée

Consumers are increasingly interested in the origins of products, with a notable 62% now prioritizing checking the origin of ingredients listed on the packaging*.

Belcolade’s single-origin chocolates serve as an excellent starting point to reimagine classic chocolate recipes and enhance the overall taste experience. In collaboration, Oliver Van Nueten, Chocolatier, and Jeffrey De Weyer, Belcolade Technical Advisor, gave an original twist to the classic bouchée with an Origins chocolate from the Philippines.

Why did you choose to work with an origin from the Philippines?

Jeffrey De Weyer: “Oliver and I chose this origin because it is unique and distinctive. Few people are aware that cocoa grows in the Philippines, despite the country’s rich cocoa history. Our cocoa experts carefully chose these beans for their rich aromatic profile.”

Oliver Van Nueten: “Upon tasting it, you are immediately surprised by its fruity character. The tropical flavors of pineapple, banana, and passion fruit are instantly noticeable. Sustainability is also crucial to me. As this chocolate is Cacao-Trace certified, I know that it contributes to concrete actions supporting cocoa communities in the Philippines.”

Jeffrey De Weyer: “Furthermore, it is also a particularly high-quality chocolate, without lecithin, offering a clean and clear label for consumers seeking transparency.”

How workable is this chocolate?

Jeffrey De Weyer: “You can do a lot with it. It's easy to work with for bars, fillings, creams, and mousses. For molding or enrobing, however, we can recommend other chocolates more suited to these specific applications.”

Why were you keen to make a bouchée?

Oliver Van Nueten: “I’m always exploring ways to reinvent chocolate classics, preferably by using single-origin chocolates. Hence our choice of a bouchée, to which we added our own twist. That's why we combined the Origins Noir Philippines 68% Cacao-Trace with pecan nuts, salted caramel, a crispy cookie, all in a round shape. The fruity tones of the chocolate pair deliciously with the flavor of the pecan nuts.”

Belcolade origins noir philippines 68% cacao-trace

Experience the essence of the Philippines with this dark chocolate made of 68% cocoa. The chocolate boasts a delightful blend of fruity notes, with dominating flavors of tropical fruits such as pineapple, banana, and passion fruit, topped off with red and dried fruits.

  • Single-origin chocolate
  • Superior-tasting Belgian chocolate
  • Sustainable: Cacao-Trace certified
Belcolade origins noir philippines 68% cacao-trace

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*Source: Innova Category Survey Chocolate 2023 / Trends survey 2023.