The Road to "Baking Better Bread"

28 Feb 2022

Consumer Insights

For us at Puratos “Baking Better Bread” is a journey through traditional and modern frontiers of bread making, where we continue to explore and learn new ways of getting the most out of traditional ingredients. With over 100 years of expertise in bakery products, and our close attention to every step in the bread making process, we continue our journey to mastering the interaction between each ingredient, helping our customers ‘wow’ the consumer and grow their business.

Consumers today demand quality bread that delivers on taste, health and freshness.

It comes as no surprise that ‘Taste’ is one of the most obvious considerations when it comes to bread.

Known as bread starter, levain, masa madre, lievito naturale or Sauerteig; sourdough gives baked products their taste and structure. Sourdoughs can be used in infinite ways; from croissants to pizza crusts and whole grain breads, the opportunities are limitless.

At Puratos, we continue to build our expertise in natural fermentation and knowledge of baking cultures from all over the world. Sapore is our range of sourdoughs based on fermentation, offering natural, traditional and differentiating taste profiles to a wide range of finished baked products. Our range has a wide variety of flavours that can be used with all dough types, and they are easy to use and produce consistent quality every time.


For consumers, the idea of “healthy” continues to evolve.

Consumers are not only moving away from ingredients such as salt, sugar and fat, but they are also looking to incorporate healthier ingredients in their diet such as grains and seeds. Grains and seeds not only add flavour and texture to baked goods, they are also rich in fibre; an essential nutrient that helps in digestion and maintaining a healthy weight, allowing for stable blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

Puratos range of ready-to-use specialty grains are a cornerstone in fulfilling the consumers need for healthy bread. Softgrain is our range of whole grains and seeds, that have been meticulously selected and perfectly cooked in sourdough, providing incredible, long-lasting taste and enhancing natural freshness of the baked goods.

Looking to further increase the amount of goodness in your grain breads? We have two Softgrain products featuring Sprouted Grains, including our brand new Sprouted Durum & Oat. Driven by innovation and our partnership with Everspring Farms, we will continue to explore the possibilities of Sprouted Grains, as they are well-regarded for their improved nutrition and digestibility.

In addition to healthier ingredients, there is also a rising demand for shorter and clean(er) labels, when it comes to baked goods. Consumers are now looking for natural ingredients and those that they know of and understand. At Puratos, we have a wide range of solutions that are clean label, allowing you and your consumers to truly savor the breads you bake.


Taste Tomorrow, Puratos’ global proprietary research confirms that for Canadian consumers, freshness remains the top purchasing criteria when buying bread. For consumers, this means that the bread maintains it’s softness and flavour for the entire shelf-life, and for grain-based bread – avoiding staling or hard grains.

With consumers’ increasing demand for clean(er) label, the job of perfecting your breads’ texture and freshness – with fewer ingredients – becomes increasingly precise work. But with our range of solutions, you can exceed consumer expectations. Our superior enzyme technology allows you to increase the shelf life of your products and our range of sourdough solutions help maintain optimal flavour of your baked goods throughout the shelf life.

Intens Freshness CL, our Clean Label, easy-to-use, versatile powdered solution helps you extend freshness, while also enhancing moistness, resilience and softness of your baked goods. Intens Freshness CL is not only a great means of extending the freshness of your baked goods, but also allows you to contribute to the bigger picture of less food wastage.

At Puratos, we continue our journey to baking better bread, with new recipes, new ingredients and a string of new baking techniques, while leveraging our strong heritage and staying true to the rudiments of taste, health and freshness.


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