A happy gut is key to feeling good! The rising consumer awareness of the importance of gut health is creating the need for natural affordable and tasty food to feed the gut.

Did you know that the human gut microbiome hosts over 100 trillion microorganisms?

And all of them need to be kept happy. 

How? Let’s find out!

We influence our health by what we eat. Bread is rooted in our daily routine, making it the natural choice for a gut-friendly diet. Some of the recipes and ingredients that can be found in our baking heritage can make bread the everyday nourishment human gut needs. Its fibres feed the good bacteria that are already present in one’s gut, helping them thrive and sending a ripple of well-being throughout body and mind.

Although bread is rooted in simplicity, baking Happy Gut breads is an art to master and a science to perfect. With over 100 years of expertise in bakery products at Puratos we never stop exploring, thinking, and innovating, offering solutions that allow bakers to conveniently make the most irresistible breads with gut health benefits.

Rely on our century-long experience in the baking industry to unravel the health potential of your bread. For the good of our gut!

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