Yeast Raised Donut

Puratos ingredients to create Yeast Raised Donut


Complete cold preparation mix for a vanilla custard crème. Bake and freeze-thaw stable.

Cremfil Dark Chocolate

An all purpose dark chocolate flavoured filling with a rich chocolate flavour.

Cremfil Lemon

An all purpose lemon filling made with real lemon juice.

Carat Decorcrem Dark

Dark compound chocolate specifically designed for decorating or enrobing soft products. It sets at room temperature and gives a very clean cut.

Cremfil Silk Cream Cheese

A silky smooth, great tasting cream cheese filling made with real Canadian cream cheese. It has the perfect balance of sweet, creamy and tart flavours with a silky smooth texture. No artificial colours no artificial flavours

Carat Coverlux Dark

Dark chocolate hard coating perfect for making fudge, enrobing, dipping,decorating and much more. Carat Coverlux Dark is dark in colour with a richand decadent chocolate flavour.

Cremfil Ultim Dark

An emulsified chocolate filling made with real Belgian chocolate. No hydrogenated fats. No artificial flavours or colours.

Cremfil Silk Key Lime

A silky smooth key lime filling with the perfect balance oftartness, sweetness and citrus flavour. No artificial colours no artificial flavours