Cheese Cake

Puratos ingredients to create Cheese Cake

Fruitfil Strawberry

A high quality spreadable strawberry filling containing 30% of real fruit.

Belcolade Selection Dark Superieur

The sensation of a slightly sweet chocolate with a strong cocoa taste, with natural vanilla.

Fruitfil Raspberry

A high quality, spreadable raspberry filling containing 20% of real fruit.

Fruitfil Apple

A high quality apple filling containing 50% of real fruit pieces and cinnamon.

Belcolade Selection Dark Supreme

An intense cocoa taste with tones of earth and coffee. Made with natural vanilla.

Fruitfil Blueberry

A high quality blueberry filling containing 25% of real fruit pieces using wild blueberries from Quebec

Fruitfil Cherry

A high quality cherry filling containing 40% of real fruit pieces.