Cheese Cake

Puratos ingredients to create Cheese Cake

Belcolade Selection Dark Superieur

The sensation of a slightly sweet chocolate with a strong cocoa taste, with natural vanilla.

Belcolade Selection Dark Supreme

An intense cocoa taste with tones of earth and coffee. Made with natural vanilla.

Deli Dulche de Leche

Authentic Latin American based rich, caramelized caramel filling, inspired by the traditional Argentinian recipe.

Deli Citron

A premium-quality rich and creamy French-style lemon filling that can also be used as a topping.

Harmony Nappage Briant

A concentrated, pectin-based glaze for fruit tarts, pastries, etc. Dilute and heat.

Harmony Sublimo Neutra

Ready-to-use cold-setting glaze. No heating, no mixing, no mess! Neutral colour and flavour for use on fruit tarts, cakes, danish and puff pastries.

Harmony Ready Briant

An apricot-flavoured, pectin-based glaze for fruit tarts, danish, etc. Specifically designed for spray machines.