Bavarois & Mousses

Puratos ingredients to create Bavarois & Mousses

Belcolade Selection Dark Superieur

The sensation of a slightly sweet chocolate with a strong cocoa taste, with natural vanilla.

Mirroir neutre

Convenient cold application, freeze-thaw stable neutral glaze with a “mirror” finish. Perfect for mousse cakes and fine patisserie.

Belcolade Origin Vietnam Milk

A milk chocolate with 45% cocoa is made with Trinitario cocoa that is grown in Vietnam's Mekong Delta. This chocolate has a subtle combination of flavours, including toffee, coffee and cooked milk as well as acid cocoa.

Belcolade Selection Milk Caramel

An original milk chocolate with a lively caramel taste.

Belcolade Selection Noir

Our 55% dark chocolate reference offering a perfect balance between bitterness & sweetness. Medium viscosity, ideal for coating, drizzling, molding and dipping.

Deli Dulche de Leche

Authentic Latin American based rich, caramelized caramel filling, inspired by the traditional Argentinian recipe.

Belcolade Selection Dark Extra

Real Belgian chocolate characterized by a warm, relatively sweet aroma with a round cocoa taste and a note of coffee.