Toast Bread

At this point in history, leavened bread was a lighter bread that was considered much nicer than flat breads. There was just one problem: left out in the desert heat for long periods of time, it would go hard and became difficult to eat.
The solution? Toast. It’s likely that toast originated as a way to preserve bread rather than as a tasty breakfast item smothered in butter and jam. By scorching slices of bread, they lasted longer as a palatable food.

Puratos ingredients to create Toast Bread

Sapore Rigoletto

Sapore Rigoletto is a wheat sponge in powder form with a toasted flavor profile.

Intens Resilience

This modular solutions enhances the resilience of soft bakery products to retain their original shape after compression.

Friax Soft

An improver for the production of all types of soft breads and buns.

Intens Freshness

This modular solution allows to increase freshness by increase the softness and crumb moistness.

S500 Kimo

An improver in powder form for the production of all frozen, unfermented yeast-raised frozen doughs.

Softgrain Multigrain

A blend of 5 grains and seeds, wheat, rye, oats, flax seed, millet seed, and teffseed, pre-soaked in a mild sourdough providing a balanced flavour andtexture.

Sapore Panarome

A traditional sponge and dough flavour profile, enhancing a freshly baked bread flavour. The sponge & dough method gives a nice fruity and yeasty flavour to the bread. These aromatic compounds are produced during the alcohol fermentation of the yeast. Liquid format.

Softgrain Rye CL

Rye grains pre-soaked in a sourdough flavour providing more taste to yourbread, ensuring the grains to have the right tenderness. Clean label.