Christmas Cupcakes

Ingredients to Prepare Cake base
Satin Red Velvet Cake 1000 Gr
Water 400 Gr
Oil 300 Gr
Whole Eggs 250 Gr
Ingredients to Prepare Fillings
Cremfil Silk Vanilla 300 Gr
150 Gr
Ingredients to Prepare Decoration
Harmony Sublimo Neutra As needed
Puratop Silky Smooth Vanilla As needed
Christmas Cupcakes

Working Method

Cake Base:

  • Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and blend together for 1 min on slow speed using the paddle attachment.
  • Scrape down the bowl and mix for an additional 4 min on medium speed. Scales 33 to 39 standard size cupcakes (45-50g each).
  • Bake in a rack oven at 160°C or in a deck oven at 160°C for approximately 20-22 min. Allow to cool and proceed to next step.


  • Mix the two fillings together and insert into pasty bag. Scoop a small hole from the center of the cupcake and fill with fillings mix about 12-15 grams worth. Fill cupcakes post bake.


  • Glaze the cupcakes with Harmony Sublimo Neutra as needed and leave to dry. Once dried, fill a pastry bag with Puratop Silky Smooth Vanilla icing fitted with a 1cm round tip and pipe top of cupcake as in photo or as desired. Additional decorations can be used as shown in image or optional.

Tips and Tricks

Complexity level:  

  • Cupcakes can be filled and frozen then decorated when needed.
  • If cupcakes peak in oven, temperature needs to be lowered.
  • Create a variety of different cupcakes by using our full range of Satin Velvet Cake mixes: Chocolate, Vanilla or Red Velvet and our ready to use Fillings: Cremfil, Deli and Fruitfil.


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