Sapore Oracolo Tempo

Introducing the next generation of Sapore Sourdoughs - Sapore Tempo.

Sapore constitutes a range of sourdough and other solutions based on fermentation that offer a natural, traditional and differentiating taste and structure to finished baked products.

Taste, health and freshness – the top priorities of bread lovers everywhere – are all improved by the use of fermentation. But some fermentation go further than others.

More than 25 years of sourdough expertise at Puratos, using different cereals and flours, a wide variety of microorganisms and fermentation methods, come together in Sapores’ high-quality solutions. They give you the flexibility to choose the taste and structure of all your finished baked products from tasty quality bread to the real pain-au-levain. Review Sapore Brochure and discover the full product range. 

Sapore Oracolo is a liquid rye sourdough with origins in France. According to the traditional French bread culture, grapes or bran were soaked in water and then mixed with flour to start the ‘levain’ fermentation. Naturally present microorganisms on the grapes start the fermentation and promote the development of fruity flavours. Based on this traditional fermentation, Sapore Oracolo is fermented for more than 48 hours to intensify the flavour, as well as helping to develop a open, waxy crumb structure in all your baked goods.

  • Ready-to-use sourdough
  • Clean(er) Label
  • Consistent quality and flavour
  • Longer lasting freshness
  • Plant-based suitable solution

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Customer advantages
  • Easy-to-use
  • Versatility
  • Consistency
Consumer advantages
  • Outstanding Freshness
  • Great Taste & Texture
  • Clean(er) label

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