Sapore Adelia Tempo

Introducing the next generation of Sapore Sourdoughs - Sapore Tempo.

Sapore constitutes a range of sourdough and other solutions based on fermentation that offer a natural, traditional and differentiating taste and structure to finished baked products.

Taste, health and freshness – the top priorities of bread lovers everywhere – are all improved by the use of fermentation. But some fermentation go further than others.

More than 25 years of sourdough expertise at Puratos, using different cereals and flours, a wide variety of microorganisms and fermentation methods, come together in Sapores’ high-quality solutions. They give you the flexibility to choose the taste and structure of all your finished baked products from tasty quality bread to the real pain-au-levain. Review Sapore Brochure and discover the full product range. 

Originating from France, Sapore Adelia is a liquid wheat sourdough that is fermented for over than 48 hours, developing a lactic flavour with creamy notes. Sapore Adelia is a versatile sourdough that can be used to produce a wide array of baked goods and provides consistent flavour and texture.

  • Ready-to-use sourdough
  • Clean(er) Label
  • Consistent quality and flavour
  • Longer lasting freshness
  • Plant-based suitable solution

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Customer advantages
  • Easy-to-use
  • Versatility
  • Consistency
Consumer advantages
  • Outstanding Freshness
  • Great Taste & Texture
  • Clean(er) label

Dosage: 10 to 20% on dough weight.  Please note, that for every 10% of Sapore Adelia or Oracolo added, reduce salt by 1%.  Adjust water accordingly.


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