Miroir Glassage Neutre

Ready-to-use cold application clear glaze, perfect for mousses, bavarois, cheesecakes and fine patisserie.

The art of patisserie decoration has been handed down from chefs to apprentices for generations. Miroir is an integral part of this heritage. Used by Master Patissiers in more than 100 countries, Miroir allows you to quickly create an incredibly shiny and glossy finish for your mousse cakes.


  • Increases the visual appeal of finished goods
  • Incomparable shininess, smooth texture and creamy mouthfeel
  • Keeps freshness of mousses and bavarois
  • Add Classic flavouring compounds to adapt colour and taste
  • The product has not been treated with ionising radiation
  • Does not contain irradiated ingredients
  • BRC Global standard certified
  • Halal Certified

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Customer advantages
  • Cold application
  • Excellent freeze/thaw stability
  • Ideal for the total coverage of different shaped entremets
Consumer advantages
  • Incredible looking fine patisserie
  • Fantastic mirror effect
  • Mixture of sensations: biting into a beautiful layered and complex entremet is a multi-sensorial experience
  • An extra layer of taste and flavour

water, glucose syrup, sugar, gelling agent (agar (E406), pectin (E440)), thickener (carboxy methyl cellulose (E466), xanthan gum

(E415)), acid (citric acid (E330)), preservative (potassium sorbate (E202))

Usage rate / recipe

Ready to use.

Application / Method

Scoop out the required amount of glaze. Gently blend the glaze with a spatula without incorporating air bubbles in the

glaze. Heat to 35-40°C and pour on top of your bavarois or mousse.

The mousse has to be frozen before finishing for the finest application.

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