Acti-Ovo CL

Plain Cake

Don’t let eggs break your cake business. Ensuring a steady supply of quality eggs at the right price is a challenge, especially when eggs can make up to 40% of the cake batter cost. Puratos has ‘hatched’ a great cost-eff ective solution: Acti-Ovo, the egg replacement product for your cakes and cookies.

Acti-Ovo helps you to replace from 20% up to 40% of the eggs in your sweet goods, giving you an egg cost reduction without compromising on quality of the finished application

  • Cost and efficiency
  • Piece of mind
  • Simple ingredient declaration
  • Easy-to-use and scale

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Customer advantages
  • Cost savings
  • Peace of mind
  • Simple ingredient declaration
  • Easy-to-use and scale
  • Can be stored in ambient temperature for 6 months

Modified milk ingredients, wheat flour, baking powder, wheat gluten, carboxymethylcellulose, vegetable oil(canola and/or soya), lipase, natural colour (beta carotene), maltodextrin, protease.

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